Bing’s New “Radio” iPhone App

It was scenario common to modern celebrations: Gene plugged the iPodTouch into external speakers to provide background music for our mini-reunion. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention when he asked what “year” we were interested in hearing: 1974? 1975? I do remember thinking “Wow, he’s put his music into playlists by year!” but I […]

Highlights: Producing News With Your Smartphone

Poynter’s NewsU ran a webinar last week on using smartphones for mobile media production. The session leader, Amani Channel (@urbanreporter, LinkedIn), is the Content/Community Manager for Public Broadcasting Atlanta’s online community Session highlights (supplemented by my knowledge of technologies, history) follow.

What Makes A Good Smartphone App?

Summer 2010, I’m going to teach a class on designing smartphone applications. This is in the University of Washington MCDM program, so the focus is audience, goals, UI, technical spec (not actual code). And the goal isn’t necessarily to build the best application, in the historical sense of the word (think PhotoGene, for example). Rather, […]

Inspired iPhone Storytelling

Using four iPhone apps, CameraBag ($1.99) Melodica ($0.99) Brushes ($4.99) and Banner ($0.99), Richard Koci Hernandez produced a 3:25 “movie” that uses 54 photos to document 54 days of riding Bus 54 in Oakland, CA. Content produced entirely on the iPhone. I’m unclear on how he turned the content into the video. (I’ve asked.) Watch […]