Design Mobile

Creating Folders In iOS4

You know that it’s possible to put your applications into folders with Apple’s iOS4 … but you can’t remember how. Or (less likely) you’ve not seen a step-by-step set of instructions. Given that folder creation is a task that we won’t do everyday — and given that it is non-intuitive (IMO) — I’ve put together […]

Personal Technology

AT&T Collapses On First Day Of iPhone4 Orders

From Gizmodo: AT&T’s online ordering system collapsed today, with Apple and AT&T sales folks reverting to tried-and-true technology: paper. They had to write down pre-order requests. I corroborated the collapse of the online ordering system, by logging in to my AT&T account and attempting to negotiate the pre-order option. Note that AT&T is providing a […]

Legal Personal Technology

Why Is AT&T Thumbing Its Nose At The Copyright Office?

Tech news sources report that AT&T is about to settle a class action suit regarding unlocking cellphones, with Apple iPhones exempted. Engadget writes that AT&T would be required “to provide an unlock code for just about any phone it has sold since March 12, 1999.” What I don’t understand is why a law suit was […]