Apple, It’s Time To Ditch AT&T

Update: AT&T Collapses On iPhone4 Debut I was annoyed at the headlines last week that blamed Apple for AT&T's lax web security regarding iPad owner emails. I was even more annoyed Sunday when I read AT&T's "explanation" to customers, where it not only disavowed responsibility for the exploit, reported Wednesday, but said that the really bad guys were the people who identified their security hole. Here's what AT&T wrote (emphasis added):
... unauthorized computer “hackers” maliciously exploited a function designed to make your iPad log-in process faster ... deliberately went to great efforts ... Now, the authentication page log-in screen requires the user to enter both their email address and their password.
A malicious exploit would not have been reported. It would have just been used. A malicious exploiter wouldn't advise companies of security issues. They'd simply use them. Class action suit against AT&T, anyone? I can't imagine the stockholders or board of directors demanding that the company get its act together. Hit 'em where it hurts: the pocketbook. It's the only thing they care about. …continue reading →