iPad2 Faces

Friday afternoon, I went to Alderwood Mall to get a gander at the line for the iPad2. Here are some faces (all taken with permission). I was struck by how many people already had an iPad. (When I asked, I was told the old device was being shared with family members or friends.) The folks who were first in line (a bunch of young guys) were from Vancouver BC and had been in line since before 5 am; Apple opened the doors at 5 pm. An Apple employee told me later Friday night (about 8 pm) that half of those in line had been turned away. …continue reading →

Study: 40% of iPad owners have Kindles, too

Despite stereotypes, almost half of iPad owners also have a Kindle at the same time, JPMorgan found in a new study. About 40 percent have Amazon's e-reader, and another 23 percent still plan to buy one in the next year. Only 23 percent have no plans, and 14 percent didn't know what a Kindle was.via electronista.com Why is the fact that about half of iPad owners also have a Kindle a big deal? Early adopters buy early. Early technology adopters buy the latest shiny piece of tech. That's what they do! (The challenge is getting normal people interested, people who need a reason other than shiny and new to open their wallets.) What's intriguing to me is that a quarter of the folks who bought an iPad first say that they now plan to add a Kindle. Now that's interesting. It suggests a growing comfort with reading books, magazines and…continue reading →

Rewards For Those Who Wait? BestBuy iPad Bundle

Over at 9-to-5 Mac, Mark Gurman reports that BestBuy is bundling the iPad with mobile hotspot hardware. The catch? A two-year contract with either Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. Clear and Virgin not part of the deal for obvious reasons when you look at their non-promo service plans. According to ThinkMobile, the MiFi is not locked to the iPad (reportedly it is with Verizon) in this short-lived promo (ends January 2, 2011). The base model iPad (16GB, wifi) is $499; to bump up to 3G service, add $130. That's basically the retail cost of the MiFi unit. Who's really subsidizing this bundle? …continue reading →