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Using GoogleWave To Engage The Public

The SeattleTimes tried an experiment Monday. It created a public Wave (pdf) to share information about the Sunday shooting of four Pierce County police officers. Here are some tips if you are considering GoogleWave* as a platform for engaging the public.

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GoogleWave: Event Collaboration and Skype Demo

Last week, Amsterdam hosted the eComm – Emerging Communications Conference and Awards, a twice-a-year global event launched in 2008. This “community focused” event focuses on convergence: telecom, cellular and Internet-based communication. And even though GoogleWave is barely out of alpha, organizers put the architecture in place for collaborative notetaking for every session of the three-day […]


Quick Thoughts on Google Wave

I just posted this to my motorcycle/geek mailing list. Really quick, high-level thoughts. I’m working on some tips posts.