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Got Themes?

If themes (31* 26, including “classic”) haven’t yet arrived as an option in your gMail account, check out the screenshots on Flickr! [Note: some graphics change appearance with the day of day and with the weather; you set a location when you select a theme.]

Convergence Legal

Google, Book Publishers Settle

Google’s plans to create the world’s largest digital library moved closer this week with settlement of a 2005 copyright infringement law suit. The Financial Times reports that Google is paying $125 million to the Author’s Guild and members of the Association of American Publisher and will “fund the creation of a Book Rights Registry modelled […]


Washington, DC Goes OpenSource

ArsTechnica reports that the District of Columbia local government is moving its “office” tools from the desktop to the cloud. The $500,000 agreement involves migrating 38,000 employees (less than $15/employee) to Google Apps, which includes Gmail, Google Docs and Google Video for business. There are also intranets and wikis (Google Sites).