Carnival of Journalism Wrap: Google+

Google+ is only two months old but because it launched in a real-time web era, and it already had mind-share and a robust user base (gmail), its adoption rate has surpassed the digital social network spaces that came before it. Thus my Carnival of Journalism question for August: What does Google+ mean for journalists, today […]

Carnival of Journalism: Google+

I picked the topic of this month’s Carnival of Journalism, Google+. For our August carnival, I’d like to talk about Google+ from a journalist (not necessarily news organization) perspective, from a big picture (privacy or open web) or smaller picture (how to manage scale issues with comments) perspective. What does Google+ mean for journalists, today and […]

Google+, Facebook and Online Identity: The Problem With “Real Names” (And Why It Matters To You)

A long time ago, Lawrence Lessig wrote the book Code (1999). He argued, persuasively, that “code is law.” And “code”? It’s written, in the main, by profit-maximizing organizations. In 2003, Mark Zuckerburg launched the site that would become Facebook. You had to use a real email address and your real name. The site was, for […]

Tip: How To Share Google Reader Posts On Google+

If you use Google Reader to access your RSS feeds, you’ve probably noticed that the built-in “sharing” feature does not export those shares to Google+. However, you can manually share Reader items on Google+ if you are using a desktop or laptop browser. This tip does not work with Safari and the iPad or iPhone.

Companies and News Organizations Gravitate To Google Plus

Brand Page Field Test To Start In About Two Weeks Updated 8 July 2011, 3.00 am It’s only slightly more than a week old, yet news organizations and major companies have jumped into the new sandbox that is Google+ despite the fact that the field trial is supposed to be for “people”: Let me be […]

+1 Takes on New Meaning With Launch Of Google Plus

If you’re longing for a digital networking space that lets you easily share information with the different facets of your life, then put Google Plus at the top of your “to explore” list. (Assuming you can wrangle an invitation!) If you’re longing for a digital networking space that lets you easily videoconference with 10 people […]