Invisible scroll bars lead to search results that seem MIA

Invisible scroll bars lead to search results that seem MIA

Designers should present search results in a place and manner where the searcher can see them without needing to adjust her browser. In other words, after I click "search" one of two things needs to happen:
  1. The click launches a new page and the search results are at the top, the first thing I see OR
  2. The search results appear directly below the search field or button and are immediately viewable and obvious.
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Google Continues To Privilege Its Own Content; Latest Victim, Vimeo?

google plusOn Wednesday, Alireza Yavari, who works at +Interactive New York, observed that he could no longer embed Vimeo videos on Google+.
On G+, I had always been annoyed by the low quality of image previews when videos were shared from, my favorite video website. Now you cannot even embed any videos from Vimeo anymore! I noticed it yesterday and I don't know if something has been changed by G+, Vimeo or it is my computer acting funny.
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How-to: Forward Google Form Submissions To e-mail

If you have ever used a Google form for collecting information (maybe RSVPs to a party), you may have wished there was something RSS-like that would automatically alert you to the fact that you had a new submission. Good news! You can configure the spreadsheet associated with the Google form to do just that. This requires no coding experience, because Amit Agarwal has already written the code bits. …continue reading →