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#noDaddy : GoDaddy SuperBowl ads give crass a bad name

Just six days before the 49th SuperBowl, GoDaddy revealed its heavily teased “puppy ad” in an exclusive on the NBC Today Show. (An “ad” on a “news” show means free advertising. Well played, GoDaddy.) The response was immediate and negative. Shame on @GoDaddy for their absolutely reckless and heartless Super Bowl Commercial. #nodaddy — Aracely […]


GoDaddy: Poster Child For Silicon Valley Sexism

When I teach a class that involves students purchasing domain names and building a website, I always advise against GoDaddy as a registrar. When students ask why, I mention the user-unfriendly interface and personal experience with trying to transfer domains. I’ll add the company’s demeaning ads to these reasons: the horrible UX and the company’s 2012 […]