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A Note On The Sarah Lacey Session

I just read the cNet article on Sarah Lacey’s session at Gnomedex Saturday. Ugh. Here’s my comment: Even the cNet article misses a key point: “blogger” is a meaningless phrase, as it rests solely on the technology. A person on LiveJournal writing for her friends is a “blogger” — so are my students who use […]


Photography Tips From KK

Our “pre-Gnomedex” session was led (entertainingly) by photographer Kris Krug, who provided practical tips for budding (or not so budding) photographers. Why listen to Kris? He’s a creative photographer and just came back from Beijing … and had photos from that assignment in the LA Times. Slideshare tip.

Social Networks

Facilitating Community, Harvesting Memes

Beh Huh of LOLCats has great take-aways for anyone trying to grow user-generated site into viable business. Check the Gnomedex wiki for session notes. Book available in October.