Response To “Ink-Stained Wretching”

Hi, Tom: I both agree and disagree. Let me begin with an easy point of opposition: Google is not stealing content or revenue from the NYTimes. GoogleNews -- and Twitter and Facebook and various and sundry other filters -- help people find content, help drive traffic from people who would not have gone to the news site otherwise. To believe that Google News steals revenue is to believe that readers go no further than the headline (most of its links) or the headline + the first sentence of an article. …continue reading →

Follow-Up: “No More Free Content”

After reading my “No More Free Content” post, a colleague observed (in an email) that information consumers “pay” for content with both attention (”monetized and sold to advertisers”) and “direct payment to content producers.” [Note: there is no direct payment for broadcast TV, radio and alternative papers like The Seattle Weekly or The Stranger.] This colleague believes that the challenge facing newspapers is not a “paid vs. free” issue. Instead, the challenge is the ratio of “monetized” attention to direct reader payment. …continue reading →