Failure Is A Not Four-Letter Word

This is my inaugural Carnival of Journalism post; this month’s topic is “failure” — professional or personal. I chose personal but the lessons are, I believe, universal. The Carnival of Journalism is a collection of folks who think about journalism and who periodically post a reflection on a given subject. Learn how to join us. […]

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Ethically Empty: Whitman Campaign Rips Off FAIL Blog UI

In her campaign for California governor, Meg Whitman (R) has created a YouTube attack video which implies that Jerry Brown (D) has had an appearance on the Cheezburger Network FAIL Blog. Ben Huh is steamed:

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AT&T Collapses On First Day Of iPhone4 Orders

From Gizmodo: AT&T’s online ordering system collapsed today, with Apple and AT&T sales folks reverting to tried-and-true technology: paper. They had to write down pre-order requests. I corroborated the collapse of the online ordering system, by logging in to my AT&T account and attempting to negotiate the pre-order option. Note that AT&T is providing a […]