How To Hide Farmville (and such) On Facebook

New Post: How to Block Applications Like Farmville Update: Mashable, The Day After: HOW TO: Block FarmVille on Facebook The NYT ran an article this week explaining how to manage your Facebook News feed. The author wrote:
Just move the mouse cursor to the end of the first line from an update from say, Mafia Wars, and click the Hide button that appears.
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Now There’s A Haiti Hoax On Facebook

Just call me Ms. Almost-Real-Time Snopes: A friend sent me the following heads-up. Thank goodness your Facebook status isn't as easy to forward as a tweet -- and let's pray that most of these folks are still keeping them out of Bing and Google algorithms:
One of my friends FB status is as follows: PLEASE NOTE that this status is being tracked, the owners of facebook have confirmed they will send $1 to the rescue fund for the Haiti earthquake disaster for everytime this is cut and pasted as a status. You only have to leave it for a minimum of 1 hour. Lets all do our bit to help.
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