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Facebook Search Fail

No wonder Facebook wants so much of our information to be accessible to external search engines. Their internal search is pitiful.

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The Facebook UI Drives Me Nuts

I promise to end this “all Facebook all-the-time” run of posts soon. I’m exploring the new interface and reminded again of how so much of the Facebook experience drives me nuts. Don’t get me started on the “mail” feature and how un-mail-like it is. Tonight I was exploring “notifications” — they are  under the new little […]

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How To Block Applications (Farmville and such) On Facebook

Facebook has made it relatively easy to “hide” application announcements — to keep them from cluttering your news feed. As others have pointed out, “hide” is not “block.” So, for any of you who haven’t yet blocked an application, here’s how. (It is more involved than “hiding” an application.)