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EFF Explains New Facebook Jargon (Serious Alert)

Despite the voluminous buzz, many commentators have missed the most confusing announcement of all — new Facebook jargon. So, in the interests of helping users understand what’s going on, we’ve put together a rough Facebook-to-English translator. Think of it as a handy phrase-book that could help you navigate through the more common situations you’ll find […]

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Attention: Update Your Facebook Privacy Settings

You knew it was coming. After this week’s announcement about Facebook’s designs on your digital footprints and social graph, there’s a new privacy option that defaults to Wide-Open. BTDT. Here’s what you need to do:


Facebook Foibles: Notifications UI

Not for the first time, I triggered an unexpected Facebook dialog box today. While reading “notifications,” I clicked the “x” to the right of a notice, thinking it would make that notice “disappear” and allow others to rise “up” to the top of the notification panel.