What Does It Mean To Be “Critical”? Wired Column On Facebook Privacy Questioned

Updated to provide additional context: 6.31 pm Pacific Sometimes, you just need to read a conversation thread in a single post to be truly boggled. I'll preface this exchange by noting that I read the Wired column under discussion (What if the Facebook (Un)Privacy Revolution Is a Good Thing) prior to this exchange: my take-away at the time was that Fred Vogelstein falls into the tech-world equivalent of Jay Rosen's "church of the savvy", a term Rosen uses to describe the "belief system that binds together our political press corps in Washington." Here's an excerpt from the article:…continue reading →

Facebook’s Principles, Deciphered

The Washington Post recently opened its editorial page to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg. The Washington Post Chairman, Donald E. Graham, is a member of Facebook's board of directors; friends in high media places. Here are the principles under which Facebook operates, according to that op-ed. I've copied Mark's bullet points and added a bit commentary to help you decipher the message. …continue reading →

Facebook SPAM

Facebook SPAM"So-and-so liked <insert a Facebook page> and suggested you like it too." Why are you sending me this message, Facebook? I haven't authorized you to send me messages like this. I double-checked my notification settings (which are at a minimum, as the screen shots below attest) and there's no "opt-in-or-out" option for "when a friend likes a page." There is an choice for "suggests a page to me" and my setting is "don't send a notification." Nevertheless, Facebook was sending me messages about pages, messages that appear to be auto-generated efforts by Facebook to push traffic. …continue reading →