Fighting Fire With Fire: Dad Shoots Laptop, Posts Video

A North Carolina dad, Tommy Jordan, reached his wits end on Wednesday after his 15-year daughter posted a rant on her Facebook page, a video "disrespectful" to her parents. He pulled out a pistol and shot her laptop dead. And he videoed it, then shared that video with the world.
That is your laptop. This is my .45.
His monologue -- where he reads what he says his daughter wrote on her Facebook page -- includes some profanity and what I think of as a litany of teen-age whininess (based on my listening to adult friends and relatives as well as nieces). Titled Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen, the video  has 3.7 million views as of this writing (125,486 likes, 9,392 dislikes): …continue reading →

Facebook Adds eMail Addresses To “Download Your Info” But In The “Off” Position

Facebook has quietly implemented a new feature as part of its "download your information" tool. The company, which is notorious for introducing new features that force its customers to "turn off" default settings, has set up the "let my friends have my email" option ... in the "off" mode. Yep, it is a nod to personal privacy. But it's really a nod to Facebook's attempt to have a stranglehold on all that personal data. Before this announcement, it was possible to export your Facebook friends -- at least a subset of them -- using the import contacts feature at Yahoo mail and Hotmail. When I did this earlier this summer (post GooglePlus launch), the two sets were not identical (N was different). Clunky, though. This new "opt in" feature seems to apply only to Facebook's "download your info" tool. In other words, it is still possible to import Facebook contacts into Yahoo mail (I did not try Hotmail) ... and this import/export process still doesn't capture everyone. No, I don't know why! [Follow the jump for "how to" instructions and screen shots.] …continue reading →