Facebook Goal: 60 Million By December

The Guardian reports that Facebook has opened a London office and hopes to have 60,000 registered members by the end of the year. This would be "at least 3% growth each week and 200,000 new users every day." Supposedly, the page views are 50 per visitor per day! I certainly don't spend that much time on Facebook! I don't spend that much time at any one site. Facebook officials continue to argue that this is not a social networking site, but "a utility, a communications tool, and a social graph that maps the real world actions of its users."continue reading →

Facebook Questions, Showdown?

I've had several "older" friends send me Facebook invitations lately. One of them was Kris Krug, who founded a group, PETITION: Free CitizenZiggy. The group description says: CitizenZiggy is a leading internet activist and researcher and outspoken advocate of Net Neutrality. He has been asking questions like "Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook?" Check it out at: http://albumoftheday.com/facebook/ Whether or not you have a Facebook account, the story CitizenZiggy tells is an important one. Did you know that the VC funding for Facebook is linked to In-Q-tel, a CIA funded group? That little-known fact alone is reason enough to watch this Flash movie. Aside: the music reminds me of Googlezon (EPIC2014).continue reading →