Facebook, Like MySpace, Wins SPAM Suit

A federal judge has awarded Facebook almost $900 million in damages due to a junk email campaign conducted by Atlantis Blue Capital in March and April. In May, MySpace won a similar case, brought under the 2004 federal CAN-SPAM Act. of 2004.

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Interface Stupidity: Facebook

I’m in the market for a new “birthday greeting” application for Facebook, because the one I have right now sets my teeth on edge due to interface cluelessness.

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Facebook “Chat” Annoyance

A friend asked me (via Facebook) how to use FB to follow a Twitter feed. As I was typing an explanation, Facebook decided to pitch its new “chat” feature. I wasn’t interested, so I clicked the “close” button. NOTHING happened! Well, nothing happened re the chat promo … but the interruption killed my ability to […]