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Just say no to political “copy/paste” shares on Facebook

The perils of Facebook requests to “Please copy/paste and share widely”, especially when the request is political; includes case study of request to call Congress.

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Facebook’s walled garden: too seductive for news companies to ignore?

Facebook wants to be the Interent, ie, the only place you need to go online. To that end, The New York Times — and a few other news organizations — is getting ready to test Facebook as a delivery platform for its content. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea in the […]

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How to report Facebook photos that promote hate

We’ve all encountered it: the Facebook post that spews hate. Next time, report it. And tell your friends you have reported it. Some of them will do so, too, and some of their friends, and — despite its initial refusal to act — Facebook just might take action. Some friends and I just succeeded in […]