Ethics, Race and Beauty: Photos of Miss America 2014

I can’t remember when I last watched a Miss America pageant. But I was pulled into this year’s story because of negative tweets about Nina Davuluri, who was crowned Miss America 2014 Sunday night. As I reviewed news stories, I thought I noticed decided differences in the darkness of her skin. To prove myself wrong, […]

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Digital Media & Ethics : Cases

Notes for discussion – ethics in digital/social media – guest lecture in Roger’s class. PPT

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Who’s Responsible? Thinking About Florida’s Terry Jones

I’m late to this story. About two weeks ago, Jeff Bercovici indicted Jay Rosen, Jeff Jarvis and “citizen bloggers and crowdsourced reporting” in his take (Forbes Mixed Media) on the Terry Jones Koran-burning story. (I read it because one of my students Tweeted the link.) Bercovici wrote his column about two weeks after Jones lit […]