Writing effective hyperlinks: critique and recommendation

It’s hard for me to grasp that in 2013 we still need to talk about “click here” as a hyperlink. (Just say No!) Look at this promotional email from Top Food & Drug:

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NBC Sports #Fail

I know, that’s a provocative headline. (And Olympics fans are probably laughing.) I’m am regularly driven insane by email marketing that is written by people who remain clueless, even though by Internet standards this industry is incredibly mature. An email featuring NBC Sports just happened to be my tipping point. NBC Sports fail is related to […]


Why People Dislike Direct eMail Adverts: A Mini-Case Study

Just got an email from Northwest Airlines. Given that they are part of an industry “hurting” economically, the inanity of this email campaign is even more infuriating than usual. The marketing campaign promises really low fares on “select” days — as low as $49 each way, round trip. There is an enticing “Holiday Sale” link […]