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Campaigns In A Web 2.0 World

The NYT Times: “Not since 1960, when John F. Kennedy won in part because of the increasingly popular medium of television, has changing technology had such an impact on the political campaigns and the organizations covering them.”

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Polling Place Photos, Videos and Tweets

There’s a widespread clamor for crowdsourced documentation at the polls this election: the NY Times “polling place photo project” … the PBS/YouTube “Video Your Vote” campaign … and the techPresident Twitter #VoteReport. Each project relies on the distributed network of connected and engaged voters. Not one of these efforts would have been feasible in 2004 […]

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Digital Media and the Future of Journalism

On Thursday 30 October, five Seattle-area organizations are hosting a forum on youth civic journalism. The event is being held 6.30-8.00pm in Kane Hall 120 on the University of Washington Campus. Featured speakers: