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Making science fun: ASAP Science videos should be on everyone’s weekly watch list

Science, technology, engineering and math, aka STEM, are key areas of knowledge for the 21st century. Heck, they were key in the 20th century, too! Remember JFK and the moon challenge as well as his tribute to science on the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences? Recent scientific advances have not only made […]

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GoogleDoodle Taps 7-Year-Old Artist

Seven-year-old Matteo Lopez of South San Francisco CA walked away with the top prize in the GoogleDoodle contest. His vision of “Space Life” led the 107,000 entries. His goal: [To] become an astronaut and explore space life. I want to wear a space suit, fly in space, walk on the moon and make friends with […]

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On Memes and Sources, and A Tip For Presenters

Am I the only person who grumbles when presenters (or writers) make interesting claims but provide no source/evidence? In Conversation is the New Attention, Christopher Fahey (@ChrisFahey) and Timothy Meany (@TimothyMeany) argue that “public speaking technology” can and should be improved because conferences are broken.  What do they mean by “public speaking technology”? (a) gathering people in a […]