eVoting: flawed systems moving forward

A recently released Congressional Research Service (CRS) report suggests eVoting isn't quite ready for primetime, despite its rapid embrace, which has been partially funded (to the tune of almost $4 billion) by The Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA, P.L. 107-252).
... there appears to be an emerging consensus that in general, current DREs [direct recording electronic systems] do not adhere sufficiently to currently accepted security principles for computer systems, especially given the central importance of voting systems to the functioning of democratic government.
Concurrent with this announcement, one of the major equipment manufacturers is in federal court this week, battling the release of internal documents which, on the surface, support the CRS security caution. Using the mantle of intellectual property, Diebold has sent cease-and-desist orders to ISPs and students who have published links to internal documents which raise security concerns about America's wholesale rush to eVoting. …continue reading →