CA takes middle road

Rather than recommend a wholesale ban of touchscreen voting machines in November, a California panel has proposed a freeze on new equipment unless it produces a voter-verified paper audit trail, accelerating the due date for this technology from 2006 to 2004. At least 20 states have introduced legislation requiring a paper audit trail. Oregon, New Hampshire and Illinois already require this accountability; Missouri and Nevada will require it by 2006. Secretaries of state in Washington and West Virginia are also calling for paper trails. Panelist John Mott-Smith, California elections division chief, said:
It's not a question of if, it's a question of when. confuses me the extent of the reaction against paper. It is now in the public radar, and it is not going off the public radar.
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Anonymous expert

Yesterday I posted my first entry at Wikipedia on Brian J. Williams, a presumed expert on electronic voting technologies. I'm posting the first cut here with its links to external resources embedded. Hopefully anyone who knows more about him will comment here or update the Wiki entry. …continue reading →