What oversight?

Don’t you love having democracy as a beta tester? Buried amid the controversy swirling around Diebold electronic voting equipment in California is this gem: According to the Oakland Tribune: State rules say local governments can use entire, experimental voting systems without state approval. Diebold’s attorneys were trying to use this loophole to justify the uncertified […]

Voting transparency

There is very little transparency in most electronic voting. (Optical scanners are the notable exception.) However, a Seattle-area e-voting software firm announced this week that it was opening its source code to full inspection. The firm, Vote Here, also hired a third party to audit software performance. Both are unique actions in the world of […]

eVoting issues ignored

The nation’s mass media continue to turn a blind eye to the issue of eVoting, based on the lack of advance or followup reporting of a Maryland conference on the subject. The split between technologists (who urge caution and worry about security) and corporations/government officials (who urge adoption and seem concerned only with vote counts […]

France issues eVoting report

A Politech reader reported last week that the French-government-supported Internet Rights Forum (“Le Forum des droits sur l’internet”) has published recommendations about the future of eVoting in France. The audit recommendation does not explicitly call for a “voter-verifiable audit trail,” which is the goal of two European advocacy groups: the Foundation for Information Policy Research […]

Diebold backs down

In a major policy reversal, Diebold stated Monday that it plans to retract the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices it has filed against ISPs that have posted copies of e-mail correspondance relating to its touch-screen voting machines. In addition, the firm said it would not sue the people who posted the correspondance. Presidential candidate […]