eVoting Flawed : A GAO Review

Despite spending untold millions on new voting equipment, the 2004 election had both real and potential error, according to a recent GAO report. Moreover, due to January deadlines and little government guidance for localities, the situation is unlikely to improve for 2006, because local governments are required to have an electronic voting machine at every […]

Another eVoting Failure

The Everett Herald (WA) reports that 20 of the 886 eVoting machines (made by Sequoia Voting Systems) failed during last month’s primary election. The company says that the failure was hardware, not software. Remember: if you don’t want to vote on an electronic machine that has no paper trail — either vote absentee (preferable) or […]

Ireland quashes e-voting

Earlier this week, Ireland moved to ban the use of electronic voting equipment purchased for June elections. The decision, based on a report from the Commission on Electronic Voting, puts the €52m purchase on ice. Ireland has purchased e-voting machines from PowerVote, a UK firm. The web site touts the lack of “ballot papers” as […]

CA takes middle road

Rather than recommend a wholesale ban of touchscreen voting machines in November, a California panel has proposed a freeze on new equipment unless it produces a voter-verified paper audit trail, accelerating the due date for this technology from 2006 to 2004. At least 20 states have introduced legislation requiring a paper audit trail. Oregon, New […]