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Web Design: How Not To

This is truly the case of a picture expressing a thousand words. Notice that the floating ad has no “close me – x” — there was literally no way to make it go away. (Scrolling didn’t work, either). Just say no to ads like these:


A Top 50 List (and personal update)

It may be almost mid-2007, but the 2006 Information Architects of Japan picks for web services, news, social networks, social links, corporations and blogs is still worth a look. Its heuristics: content, design, usability, behavior and marketing. For reference, it includes a website’s Alexa rating, but that’s not a measurement. Some sites that might be […]

Social Networks


My inaugural post on graphic design goes to ColourLovers — a community site focusing on color trends. Compare color palettes — check out how color is being used ’round the world. Interesting resource. Tip.