Back To The Future: TFM

In 2001 and 2002 I wrote a monthly “column” called <TFM>*. My goal was to explore issues in web design, specifically usability. Even back then, some of my friends (and students) wondered if I had ever met a Web site that I liked. (I still get this question!) Unfortunately, even in 2008, finding examples to […]

Designer Resource

Free icons for software and web application interfaces from Abdylas Tynyshov; TOU. Tip. Not powered by ScribeFire. :-/ I’m trying ScribeFire, and it’s batting 0.500 at the moment. My first use “worked” (see prior post). I knew this one was in trouble when ScribeFire didn’t have my categories listed under “tags”. Sure enough, attempts to […]

A Top 50 List (and personal update)

It may be almost mid-2007, but the 2006 Information Architects of Japan picks for web services, news, social networks, social links, corporations and blogs is still worth a look. Its heuristics: content, design, usability, behavior and marketing. For reference, it includes a website’s Alexa rating, but that’s not a measurement. Some sites that might be […]