A Critique of Corporate Blogs

Boston Business Journal (no by-line) opines that business blogs are “dying off” and then proceeds to provide a few anecdotes based on Boston-area corporate blogs. What the BizJournal — and maybe some corporations — fail to understand is that you can’t just “add a blog” to your website and expect miracles of any sort: community, […]

Notes from the Corporate Panel

The four corporate reps provided very diverse examples of how major organizations are integrating new media into their corporate communication strategies. Nancy Blanton, Port of Seattle, explained some of the process behind the Port’s new website design (yeah! personas!). The focus shifted from the organization to its audiences. One result is a real-time flight info […]

Microsoft launches blog

Yet another sign that blogs have moved mainsteam. On Tuesday, Microsoft launched Channel 9, a blog designed to improve communication between inhouse engineers and external developers. Bill Hill’s monologue on Homo Sapiens 1.0 is both entertaining and on target. But I’m not sure I’m ready for video blog entries. Not surprisingly, the site does not […]

Blogs brief Longhorn developers

Using the community-building powers of blogs, Microsoft employees provide development insights into Longhorn, long before the month-end developers conference in Los Angeles. According to Internet.com: Like a developer’s version of “Where’s Waldo,” careful readers of Longhorn-focused and PDC-themed blogs (even “official” sites in Microsoft’s own PDC Web pages) can find leaks and juicy tidbits about […]