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Incredible street performance (and a word about sharing)

A friend shared the Thai clip on Facebook. I failed to “like” it, so when I wanted to show it to my husband, I couldn’t find it. Thus began the journey that led to my discovering this video. I channeled my inner terrier, but it was “search” that I had my teeth sunk into, not […]


Aaron Swartz and Cybercrime: Time To Wake Up

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was written in response to 1983’s War Games, according to EFF attorney Marcia Hofmann. Who has seen the movie War Games? 1983. Congress freaked out and passed Computer Fraud & Abuse Act: 18 USC Section 1030 Marcia Hofmann @eff — Kathy E Gill (@kegill) March 5, 2013 Not only […]

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Photo Sharing Sites: Terms of Service

Curious about the terms of service on photo sharing websites? This table provides a summary of a more detailed Google spreadsheet.