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Thoughts On Engadget, Anonymity and Community

This is written in response to a post Paolo Mottola made on FlipTheMedia: Online Media Democracy Is Still Under Construction, or Why Engadget Had To Flip The Switch On Comments

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“Putting Our Hot Heads Together”

This essay in AListApart seeks to answer a pressing question for anyone trying to manage an online community: “How can we transform discussion sections on major sites and online magazines from shooting ranges into arenas of collaboration?” (tip) Rather than proceed to direct confrontation, Carolyn Wood suggests we “go for the prize behind Door Number […]

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Facebook Goal: 60 Million By December

The Guardian reports that Facebook has opened a London office and hopes to have 60,000 registered members by the end of the year. This would be “at least 3% growth each week and 200,000 new users every day.” Supposedly, the page views are 50 per visitor per day! I certainly don’t spend that much time […]