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The U.S. was not founded as a Christian nation

CNN amplified the myth that the U.S. was “founded as a Christian nation.” CNN should have framed the disinformation with a truth sandwich.

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Apple Stock Shocked by CNN iReport Rumor

Read the nitty gritty at Christopher Penn’s Awaken Your Superhero. The risks of “citizen journalism” + financial “news.” Relevant questions: Apple shareholders: if you lost money on Apple due to the rumor, is CNN responsible? Is CNN liable? Are they a media outlet or a content distributor. If they fall under common carrier, then who […]

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CNN Sending Viewers To The Web During Commericals?

Will Richmond reports that Thursday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper was promoting webcasts that ran during AC360’s commercial breaks. As Richmond notes, what will the advertisers think? At a time when advertiser relationships are more tenuous than ever due to the rise of DVRs, VOD and broadband, the last thing a network should be doing is […]