Blogger Wins Defamation Suit

A South Carolina US District Court Judge threw out a defamation lawsuit filed against a blogger who “published articles on the internet critical of the Plaintiffs’ business.” Here is the key section of this 16-page ruling: [In] determining whether Smith was engaged in news reporting or in news commentating, the court has applied the functional […]

Create Your Customized Democratic Candidate Mash-Up

The Democratic Party is truly experimenting with citizen media this election cycle. On Wednesday, they held an “online debate” that consisted of Charlie Rose, PBS, asking questions and recording answers. The questions, of course, came from online voters. Sponsors: The Huffington Post, Slate (owned by the Washington Post) and Yahoo! . Interested voters can now […]

Results In on the Congressional Website Project

The Sunlight Foundation recruited citizen journalists to evaluate Congressional websites on three criteria: Access to basic information on what our elected officials do in Congress (the bills they sponsor, the committees they serve on) information from or access to any of the legally-required disclosures they have to file (on personal finances or junkets they take) […]