CBS “60 Minutes” Launches Website That Only Works In Chrome For Windows

Updated: This works in Chrome/Mac now (30 October) but my balkanization concern remains relevant, especially since this DOES WORK with Safari. Just use that “look …  [at your] own risk” link. According to TechCrunch, CBS has created a Chrome-specific website [“Chrome App“] for 60 Minutes that “delivers high-quality video of “60 Minutes” program content, starting […]

CBS Executive Jumps Ship

According to the NYT, general manager Betsy Morgan is leaving the organization to become the chief executive for the HuffingtonPost, an online blog portal that is 2.5 years old. Morgan, 38, on the HuffPost: “Huffington Post has a lot of smart editors working for it,” she said. What the site does well, Ms. Morgan […]

CBC Proposes “Approve Before Publish” Blogging Rules

According to a new “guideline” (not “policy”), any CBC employee — not just those who are journalists — must obtain permission of their supervisor before starting a personal blog that “clearly associates them with CBC/Radio-Canada.” Even after getting approval, the blog “cannot advocate for a group or a cause or express partisan political opinion.” More […]