Carnival of Journalism: What is the role of a liberal arts education?

Specifically, what is the role of journalism education? The Carnival of Journalism is back (oh, yeah!) and student media is this month’s topic. At the Online News Association meeting last month, journalism education was a hot topic, with the “teaching hospital model” coming under fire. I think the issues are much much bigger than journalism. Even bigger […]

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Carnival of Journalism: What I Want For Christmas

My entry in theDecember’s Carnival of journalism, hosted by The Guardian Developer blog. This month’s question: If you are a journalist, what would be the best present from programmers and developers that Santa Claus could leave under your Christmas tree? My wish for the Christmas elves? Put someone other than IT in charge of all CMS purchases. […]

Carnival of Journalism Wrap: Google+

Google+ is only two months old but because it launched in a real-time web era, and it already had mind-share and a robust user base (gmail), its adoption rate has surpassed the digital social network spaces that came before it. Thus my Carnival of Journalism question for August: What does Google+ mean for journalists, today […]

Carnival of Journalism: Google+

I picked the topic of this month’s Carnival of Journalism, Google+. For our August carnival, I’d like to talk about Google+ from a journalist (not necessarily news organization) perspective, from a big picture (privacy or open web) or smaller picture (how to manage scale issues with comments) perspective. What does Google+ mean for journalists, today and […]