Broadband: US Continues To Lag The World

Information Week has an update on the state of broadband connectivity in the US, relative to the rest of the world. Some highlights:
  • Broadband growth rates are much higher in other countries
  • OECD: the US is 12th in broadband adoption rates
  • ITU: the US is 21st in broadband penetration rates
  • We pay more for less
Thankfully, the reporter included criticism of the rosy FCC report from July 2005. That report defined "broadband" as 200 Kbps in at least one direction and considered a zip code to have 100% penetration if it had only one active broadband line. This is inflating the data. But why is 200 Kbps a bad measure of "broadband"? From InfoWeek: …continue reading →

The Race Is On

The Sundance Channel has joined the rush to distribute online, partnering with Google Video, not iTunes. "The deal allows consumers to download their choice of 18 of the network's movie titles at $3.99 for a 24-hour rental or $9.99 to own. Three of the Sundance Channel's original series are available only for purchase starting at $1.99 an episode." Last month, AppleInsider reported that iTunes should be serving full-feature films by the year's end. It already provides access to shows from 32 channels -- including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. I bought a Daily Show With Jon Stewart episode this week (because I'd lost my own recording on ReplayTV). Quality was clearly not up to my own recording -- frame rate was too slow, action and audio were often out of sync. However, it was good enough for my purpose -- but not worth more than the $1.99 that I paid.…continue reading →