US Broadband: The FCC and Network Neutrality

Part 1 of a series (How US Broadband and Cellular Telecomm Got So Messed Up) on U.S. telecommunication infrastructure Back in December, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 along partisan lines to approve network neutrality rules, rules which had not yet been made public. The proposed rules (pdf) were released on 23 December. The proposal […]

Who Should Win Google Fiber Contest?

It’s been a bonanza for public relations folks who can dream up zany stunts that feed the our news media’s thirst for “man bites dog” stories. Google reported Friday that they had received more than 1,100 community responses to the broadband fiber request for information (RFI) and more than 194,000 responses from individuals. The company dashed […]

What Does “High Speed Internet” Mean, Exactly?

Ever wonder what a company means when it says its internet service is “high speed”? Then check out this table that documents the plethora of technologies that the FCC counts as “broadband” — be warned, speeds can vary by as much as 2000 percent! In short, “broadband” is defined by the FCC as anything other […]

Why The FCC Broadband Plan Underwhelms

Media reports of the FCC broadband plan (pdf) that was sent to Congress today were fawning. Almost all contain this quote from FCC Chair Julius Genacowski, which describes the plan to connect 100 million U.S. households (~85 percent) to 100 Mbps high speed broadband by 2020 as a 21st-century roadmap to spur economic growth and investment, […]

U.S. Cities In 43 States Vying For Google Fiber

Updated 26 March More than 100 cities and counties in 43 states have official and unofficial efforts to develop a pitch for Google’s fiber contest by 26 March. Apparently missing: Delaware, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island and Wyoming. But there’s an unofficial Facebook page for Washington, DC. On 10 February, Google announced […]