Memory and The Brain : More Is Easier

Did you know that mnemonic memory techniques are 2,500 years old? Their origin is a legend, passed along by Cicero. Greek poet Simonides (c.556-c.468 BC) demonstrated a feat of recall that jumpstarted the theory. He had attended a banquet, where he presented a poem. Afterwards, he went outside, which saved him when the roof collapsed, killing the other […]

Economics Social Networks

Social Networks In Theory And Practice

Crooked Timber has started an online seminar (think of it as a non-geographically or time-based book club discussion) of Yochai Benkler’s The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom. You can download PDFs of the book or order it from Amazon.


Web Search Garage

Poynter’s “Web Tips” this week features Tara Calishain, who writes an awesome blog that focuses on web research and search. She now has a book, Web Search Garage, that Poynter “recommend(s) to journalists, writers, and researchers. Here’s what it promises: ‘If you thought that Internet searching was just about plugging in a couple of terms […]