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A Note On The Sarah Lacey Session

I just read the cNet article on Sarah Lacey’s session at Gnomedex Saturday. Ugh. Here’s my comment: Even the cNet article misses a key point: “blogger” is a meaningless phrase, as it rests solely on the technology. A person on LiveJournal writing for her friends is a “blogger” — so are my students who use […]

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Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty

Blog Action Day, 15 October 2008, is an annual nonprofit event designed to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters to discuss the same issue on the same day. Think of it as something like an intellectual flash mob. You don’t have to sign up to participate, but right now there are 2,305 sites registered. […]

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“Putting Our Hot Heads Together”

This essay in AListApart seeks to answer a pressing question for anyone trying to manage an online community: “How can we transform discussion sections on major sites and online magazines from shooting ranges into arenas of collaboration?” (tip) Rather than proceed to direct confrontation, Carolyn Wood suggests we “go for the prize behind Door Number […]