Cooks Source Magazine Ignites Copyright Firestorm

When Illadore (Monica Gaudio) discovered that Cooks Source Magazine had printed an article she wrote in 2005 without asking permission, she says the first thing she did was contact the publisher, Judith Griggs, by email. When Griggs told her that everything on the web was public domain, Gaudio started to see red. That’s when she […]

BBC: Links As Footnotes and Curation Tool

Sometime last month, the BBC circulated a Powerpoint presentation (Scribd document) to staff that cements links as an “essential” (emphasis per original document) element for BBC reporting. Moreover, the BBC wants to “double outbound links from 10m to 20m a month by 2013.” Links are, according to this BBC document, a “well suit[ed] unique selling point for […]