Blogging and Public Affairs

I'm on a panel Wednesday morning with Robert Scoble and Pam Miller: "Blogging: Its power and impact on public affairs and the media" is a panel discussion before an audience of public sector PIOs in Seattle.

blog genres What to say, what to say? I could start with my comments from a PRSA workshop earlier this month. Or maybe with this image from EuroBlog 2006? (tip) Or this post by Steve Rubel - DoS hosts webchat with David Kline. Ummm .... let's start by advising folks to watch EPIC2015 -- because blogs are just one part of a larger social ecosystem that will change politics and media. And work.


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RSS + Ads = Sigh

Lost Remote reports that the Washington Post is adding ads to its RSS feeds. And claiming to be first out of the box, a dubious distinction. And it's incestuous: the first advertiser is MSNBC. Tags: Ads, Blogs RSScontinue reading →