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How To: Subscribing to an RSS Feed In Bloglines

This is a step-by-step to manually subscribe to an RSS feed using Bloglines. This step-by-step assumes that you have already created an account at Bloglines and have logged in to the Bloglines homepage. The blog in the tutorial is The Social Customer Manifesto.


“I Blog, Therefore I Am” — An Introduction to Blogging

Part three in a workshop series sponsored by UW Department of Communications, the Seattle Chapter of the Association for Women in Communications and the UW Alumni Association. From the promo: Blogging is one of the hottest buzzwords in communication today, whether we’re talking about journalism, public relations, politics or marketing. Learn what makes blogs different […]


How To: Uploading An Image In WP

Note: WP changed the interface in Mar 2008. These screenshots are no longer accurate for but are for an earlier installed version of WP. When I’ve updated this, I’ll link to it here. This post is “how to” insert an image into a WordPress blog post. First, if the image is not yet hosted […]