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Blogger Wins Defamation Suit

A South Carolina US District Court Judge threw out a defamation lawsuit filed against a blogger who “published articles on the internet critical of the Plaintiffs’ business.” Here is the key section of this 16-page ruling: [In] determining whether Smith was engaged in news reporting or in news commentating, the court has applied the functional […]


CBC Proposes “Approve Before Publish” Blogging Rules

According to a new “guideline” (not “policy”), any CBC employee — not just those who are journalists — must obtain permission of their supervisor before starting a personal blog that “clearly associates them with CBC/Radio-Canada.” Even after getting approval, the blog “cannot advocate for a group or a cause or express partisan political opinion.” More […]


How To: Setting Up A WordPress Blog

To set up your account, go to Follow the “create account” links. You’ll need to use a “real” e-mail address Life is easier for me if you use your UWNetID as your login, because it means the blog URL (address) is