Britannica Free For Bloggers

Britannica Online is waiving (for one year) its $70 premium access fee through a program called Britannica Webshare (via TechCrunch).
This program is intended for people who publish with some regularity on the Internet, be they bloggers, webmasters, or writers. We reserve the right to deny participation to anyone who in our judgment doesn’t qualify.”
Britannica is hoping that by "giving away" the content to opinion leaders ... they will drive traffic to their paid content (and then, what? entice people to subscribe?). It's one pretty-big toe placed into the "open information" ecosystem. From the "welcome" email: …continue reading →

Blogger Wins Journalism Award

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo and TPMCafe has been honored with a George Polk award for legal reporting and his work on the Justice Department firings of US Attorneys. This is an acknowledgment of the importance of the news/political blogosphere and a step towards recognition that the substance of an investigation is more important than the medium through which it is reported.The Polk Award for Legal Reporting will go to Joshua Micah Marshall, editor and publisher of the widely read political blog, Talking Points Memo. His sites, and, led the news media in coverage of the politically motivated dismissals of United States attorneys across the country. Noting a similarity between firings in Arkansas and California, Marshall and his staff (with his staff reporter-bloggers Paul Kiel and Justin Rood) connected the dots and found a pattern of federal prosecutors being forced from office for failing to do the…continue reading →

Easy Posting

This tip is for anyone who uses Firefox and who wants an easy way to post to a single blog or multiple blogs: get ScribeFire. I've just re-installed ... my Christmas Eve hard drive crash is still making itself felt as I re-install this plugin or that application. (Secure Fetch was the most recent application.) What does ScribeFire do?  The ScribeFire icon sits at the bottom of the browser. Through the magic of Web 2.0, when you activate (click) it, a transparent text box floats at the foot of the browser window, on top of whatever you're viewing. (Think Snap Preview, but nicer and transparent). Select the blog you wish to post to, tick off your categories, and post! It doesn't work with everything -- for example, I can't post to my US Politics blog with it. But it does work with this blog and my class blogs, all of…continue reading →