Invisible scroll bars lead to search results that seem MIA

Designers should present search results in a place and manner where the searcher can see them without needing to adjust her browser. In other words, after I click “search” one of two things needs to happen: The click launches a new page and the search results are at the top, the first thing I see […]

Convergence Personal Technology

Bing’s New “Radio” iPhone App

It was scenario common to modern celebrations: Gene plugged the iPodTouch into external speakers to provide background music for our mini-reunion. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention when he asked what “year” we were interested in hearing: 1974? 1975? I do remember thinking “Wow, he’s put his music into playlists by year!” but I […]


Murdoch Ups The Search Ante

Google holds 71% of the search market; Bing, 10% (chart). Cory Doctorow has a clear crystal ball. Earlier this month, Rupert Murdoch accused Google of stealing his content and threatened to cut the search giant off. Cory guessed that Murdoch might be angling for a search-engine payment deal: