Media Transparency: BBC

Buzz Machine reports that the BBC is "attempt[ing] to get the heads of its many news networks to open up and talk about the process of news" by making public its editor’s blog.  This is the latest effort by established media (aka MSM) to provide a glimpse into gatekeeping decisions. As such, it can logically […]

BBC Expands Website Interactivity

The BBC has announced plans to engage in the Web 2.0 community of consumer-generated content, which he calls a second digital wave. I believe that this second digital wave will turn out to be far more disruptive than the first, that it will be fundamentally disruptive, and that the foundations on which much of traditional […]

BBC On Podcast Adoption

Courtesy of one of my COM300 students -> The BBC reports aForrester assertion that the podcast audience is primarily "tech savvy, young males" … "despite the hype surrounding [podcasts]." Harrumph. We are in still in the early adoption stage of this technology! I’m certain that I could examine popular press reports less than two years […]