Thinking Portability: The Osborne 1 Is 30 Today

It was early 1984. Apple had just released the Macintosh, but IBM (and its partner/stepchild/competitor Microsoft) had jumped into the nascent personal computer market in mid-1981 with the IBM PC. However, the tried-and-true operating system (or tired-and-old, depending on your point of view) of the day was not DOS but CP/M. Somehow I convinced my […]

Rewards For Those Who Wait? BestBuy iPad Bundle

Over at 9-to-5 Mac, Mark Gurman reports that BestBuy is bundling the iPad with mobile hotspot hardware. The catch? A two-year contract with either Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. Clear and Virgin not part of the deal for obvious reasons when you look at their non-promo service plans. According to ThinkMobile, the MiFi is not locked […]

Who Is “Multi-Format Inc”?

Apple Sued for the Sale of Video Programming on iTunes (Jack Purcher / Patently Apple) 20 minutes ago via Techmeme That’s the tweet from TechMeme that alerted me to the “news.” The lawsuit appears to be concerning the sale and enabling of downloaded video content like movies and HDTV programming on iTunes to all of […]

Fierce Mobile On Media, AntennaGate and Steve Jobs

Will Richmond (FierceMobile) tackles AntennaGate today. I didn’t see his referenced Steve Jobs quote when I went looking for facts-and-data on Friday, but I think it sums up the state of much of what passes for “news” on the web today: Sometimes I feel that in search of eyeballs for these web sites, people don’t care […]