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Update on Apple legal challenges (with Harry Potter #cyberpathogen reference)

Apple got good news from New York courts Monday, faced Congress on Tuesday, got widespread tech support Wednesday. Then there’s the #cyperpathogen.

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NY Judge: it’s OK to say no to unlocking iPhone

In a New York case involving illicit drugs, U.S. Magistrate Judge James Orenstein ruled that Apple does not have to unlock an iPhone on demand from the U.S. government. Orenstein is “the first federal judge to rule that the [All Writs] act does not permit a court to order companies to pull encrypted data off a […]

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Apple’s 2013 Christmas ad: a story with a twist

Apple’s holiday ad via @gruber : #nicelyDone #promoForVideoRotateTools — Kathy E Gill (@kegill) December 17, 2013   I almost added #kleenex to that tweet. I probably should have. Without revealing the plot twist in the 90-second clip, I’ll simply say that I thought it was an effective reframing that makes the title, “Misunderstood,” resonate.