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Update: Amazon Glitch Or Malicious Prank?

More on the #AmazonFail fiasco from the weekend. Andrea James (Seattle) quotes Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener: “This is an embarrassing and ham-fisted cataloging error…”


Where Next For Microsoft?

Over at TechFlash this morning, Todd Bishop published a guest post by a disgruntled Microsoft stockholder about to attend his first stockholder meeting. The author, Michael McDonald, has reason to be disgruntled: November 2000, I purchased 100,000 shares of MSFT at a split-adjusted, average price of $36 per share for a total cost of $3.6 […]

Convergence Media

Competition Pressures Apple To Drop Prices

According to ArsTechnica, Apple will drop the prices of its DRM-free tunes t0 $0.99 to counter Amazon’s new offering. Glad as a consumer, not so much as a stockholder. (tip)