A Case For TV Ads

I skip ads when I watch television. I don’t think of this behavior as “stealing” because I’ve paid to have those television signals beamed into my home*. I do, sometimes, worry about missing out on shared experiences that help bind people together. Let me give you an example. If I were to say “toy bunny” […]

Vote For Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

If you’re like me and prefer the commercials over the game, YouTube’s “adblitz” channel may be your savior today. YouTube promises to publish Super Bowl commercials “the minute they air on Feb 7th.” And to entice you to visit the channel, after the game is over you can vote for your favorite(s) — until Valentine’s […]

Interface Ugliness

Forget, for a moment, that the design of the above-the-fold portion of this website is ugly as sin, crowded with ads and “junk” (hat tip, Edward Tufte). Look at the ad, sitting front and center! It’s blocking the copy — the only reason we’ve come to this page. Yes, I know that lots of publishers […]